Some have been asking about communicating with a sponsored child. This is definitely going to be possible. Our team has been working on the best methods of communication, which we believe is going to function through the exact site you sponsored your child through. So as we continue to get the system ready for communication purposes, this is what you need to do if you’re interested in sending your child a letter.

1) Visit
or copy and paste the link into your URL bar.

2) Sign up using the e-mail that you sponsored your child under. For example, I used along with my payment information when I chose to sponsor Marvellous. So, I will go back through and sign up with this same e-mail (because the system will notice the connection and have your sponsored child waiting within your account).

3) After you Sign Up/Log In go to the top right corner and click “My Profile.”

4) The click on “My Sponsorships.”

5) Right next to your child’s name, you will see where you can “send a message” and even attach a file.

We plan on communicating your child’s message quarterly, but please don’t let that stop you from sending as many notes as you wish. Before we visit your child, we will be sure to print all of your messages and give them to your child.

Please note that the child’s communication back to you may vary depending on the age and education level. Most of these children know very little american english, but there will be a translator to decipher messages on each visit.

Thank you for being apart of The Best Version Project. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly regarding your child. My goal and hope is to keep you in touch with your angel as much as possible.


PS- Here is a video of me logging in, and sending my child a letter—>

In Christ,


The Best Version Project

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