The Love Period Podcast – Episode 009

On this episode of The Love Period Podcast we talked with co-founder and CEO of  Operation BBQ Relief, Stan Hays.  We’ve had several great guests and Stan is another one we really enjoyed.  Stan was one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes of 2017 for the work he and the team at OBR have done serving the people who are reeling and recovering from the difficulties of natural disasters.  His journey to co-found OBR came in May of 2011 in response to relief efforts in tornado-stricken Joplin, Missouri.  What started as a “nudge” from his wife, led to an idea that came from a 15-minute phone call with fellow BBQ competition competitors.  In that initial effort, volunteers from competition BBQ teams from eight states answered the need to help feed displaced families, police, fire, National Guard and emergency personnel.

“We were able to serve over 120,000 meals over 13 days. Food was delivered to shelters, hospitals, senior living communities and the Humane Society. Volunteers loaded food into vehicles and delivered directly to families in the impacted areas. The operation was made possible by all who contributed food and supplies and funding from across the country.”

And that was just the beginning for Stan.  Since that time, OBR has severed millions of meals to people in disaster impacted areas, first responders, and anyone else needing support.  Most recently, OBR has been deeply engaged in support of the victims of the horrific flooding that has devastated Nebraska and Illinois. 

Stan’s story is great because he found his HOW and his WHY in something he loved, cooking BBQ and serving others, but he had to make a choice.  Eventually he had to stand on the proverbial dock and make a decision to step off, to step out in faith, and sail off for the journey he was created for.  Thank goodness, he did it and you can hear his story on Episode 009 of The Love Period Podcast.


Show Length– 76 Minutes

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