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Our team has been serving children in Liberia for over 10 years now, and with time, experience, and resources we have now made it possible to sponsor children right from your computer.

Our mission in Liberia has always been to address these children’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs; children that may have been orphaned by the Civil War, or Ebola, or simply abandoned by a single parent who did not have the means to provide for the child. The reason behind HOW the child got to be a part of this project is not nearly as important as WHY.

The WHY is simple.

These children need food and medication. These kids deserve food and medication. This program (YOU) can provide a child with just that.

We currently have 53 beautiful children waiting to be sponsored, and we will be knee deep in mud and dirt all year getting many more children into the system.

With your monthly sponsorship, you are ensuring he or she receives a warm meal every single day, and what a fantastic feeling it is for these children not to have to worry if food will be available for them that day. With your sponsorship, you will also be ensuring that the child’s medical needs are met. Most of the children are located far away (in the bush) from any medical facilities, so we have been working with an amazing hospital in Monrovia to dispatch a qualified team monthly to assess your child’s potential needs. That means malaria, typhoid, rashes, and other frequent African breakouts can be treated at the orphanage. This will improve the child’s health tenfold. We also will have emergency transportation ready to transport your child to the city if further treatment is needed.

What’s great about this sponsorship program is that you can be the hands and feet of Christ thousands of miles away. As you select your child, we ask that you also add that child’s name to your nightly prayers. Also please share his or picture with your kids. Print it out. Make it real, because it is. When you sponsor a child in Liberia, you are impacting a life; creating a ripple that could improve the life of a child forever.

May God bless you abundantly.

Love in action,

Team OAL

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