This past week we’ve had a team at one of the orphanages we support in Bomi County. They were installing a new well to bring safe drinking water to 35 orphaned children.

This was done in about six days but is no small feat if you know the details and logistics these seven guys have to manage to make it happen.

Emmanuel, Dixon, Jefferson, Augustine, Moses, Jerome, and Albert are extremely hard workers who will do whatever it takes to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Six out of the seven members of the team were finishing up another job when they got the call about our well need in Bomi County. Without hesitation or much rest, they began to figure out how they would travel from Zwerdru to Bomi, a modest 12 hour journey by taxis and motorbikes.

When they arrived at the orphanage, they immediately began to try to determine where the best place would be for the well. They do this by surveying the land and trying to figure out where the water flows naturally when the rain comes. They found a spot they liked, but hit rocks about 20 feet into the dig, so the first hole was a no go. They quickly went to area two but ran into the same problem about 30 feet deep. The cliché, “third times a charm” came to be true during this project as they were able to dig deep enough to begin the installation process. These holes are all manually drilled (no big machines) for several reasons, but the primary reasons are cost and transportation. These locations are sometimes hours off of deplorable roads which would take much time and money to transport such a large piece of equipment. Natural Liberian man-power will be plenty enough to get this job done.

Once the hole was dug, parts were put into place, the cement was poured, and the job was complete with a pump installation. Over this six-day process, these men are sleeping and eating on site. The mother of the orphanage gratefully supplies the food. It’s always neat to watch the mother and the workers interact at the end of the project. She sadly but thankfully tells them goodbye and to take care. She pours praise on them and sings songs to God for their blessings. It’s a beautiful connection between the Liberians.

After the job was complete, we took the team to a local restaurant in Monrovia called, Taste-T, owned by Tuki. The fellows gobbled up some much-deserved dumboy, fufu, and dried rice which is a favorite and tasty food in Liberia.

After prayers and feasting, the team started their travels back home to start another project.

This blog is not only to highlight the beautiful fact that 35 children now have access to safe drinking water because of your donations, but it’s also to point out that seven amazingly hard workers were paid through your support to get the job done successfully. This not only helps them, but it flows over to their family. Liberia is still struggling economically; 85% of the country is still unemployed, but with our continued presence, we can hire qualified locals to help us bring the love of Christ to the orphans of Liberia. That’s double the impact for Liberia.

Thank you for making this happen as always.

Love in action,

Team OAL

Bomi Well from Orphan Aid, Liberia on Vimeo.


  1. Lori Baxter on May 15, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    That is awesome! Great job!

  2. Pat McTague on May 15, 2019 at 8:46 pm

    Great work, Daryl! Thanks for keeping us updated.

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