Can we send a letter to our child?

The answer is yes. However, right now we are only accepting letters through your created account on our sponsorship platform online at You can learn how to create an account and send your first letter to your child, here. Note: We’re only doing quarterly communication via letter due to the cost. In short, the more letters sent the more our cost go up due to transportation, fuel, staff, etc. We don’t mention this to discourage you from writing your sponsee, we say this to be transparent and let you know that we want your money to stretch as far as possible for your child. Unfortunately, Liberia is one of the most impoverished countries in the world, which can drive operating cost up.


What is the gift policy?

We are not accepting any gifts outside of the standard sponsorship of $40 per month for the child’s food and medical program. Our organization feels that it is not in any child’s best interest to receive more than the other. We believe it could be discouraging for other children in the orphanage that have not yet been sponsored or not receiving the same gifts from their sponsors. We hope you will understand that we are not trying to keep anything from these children, but only attempting to run an effective and fair program to benefit all equally.


Do the children receive benefits right away upon sponsorship or are they currently being cared for?

Thankfully, the children that are currently up for sponsorship are being supported by our general funding. However, it’s your personal sponsorship that will not only support the child selected, but make room for other children to be included in our program. In short, the more sponsors we get for individual children, the more we can continue to add in the future.

Can I meet the child I sponsor?

Currently, our organization is not setup to effectively run consistent trips for sponsors to travel to meet their child. We would love for this to be a reality one day, but currently the cost to travel to Liberia is very high, and our organization does not have the staff to equally accommodate ALL potential sponsors travel arrangements.


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