We have been in Liberia for 10 years now. We have been trudging alongside the country as it struggles to find the right footing to bring about the change needed for a healthier future for the Liberian people. We have seen the impact of Civil War and have been in the trenches with them during the Ebola crisis. We would be lying if we said we don’t have moments where we feel discouraged and overwhelmed from setbacks. We know and have known, however, this work will never be easy but will always be worth it. We are simply trying to be obedient to Jesus by serving the least of these to whom we have been called, and in our case, this is the orphans of Liberia.

Along with the struggles we have had many occasions to celebrate. Over 1100 children have food to eat today and each day. The simple fact children will wake up this morning and not have to worry about finding food by begging or sifting through trash is a beautiful work of art. The canvas has much empty space and so much room for more beautiful brush strokes. One of those beautiful strokes is the mobilization of a medical team that will provide care for these children’s medical needs, often times critical needs. As much as we would love to say otherwise we have experienced the death of some beautiful children. Most recently our friend Theresa. Our prayer is that monthly check ups by our field nurse (we are currently scouting for the best) will enable us to treat medical issues on site or as needed provide transportation for emergency or specialized care.

We cannot overexaggerate how important this is for these children. Coming alongside them and providing for their nutritional and medical needs unlocks the door for other opportunities that could quite possibly guide their future to self-sustaining freedom.

We are approaching the final stages and will soon be ready to release our first site, Margibi One, for sponsorship. This first release will present to you many beautiful children that you can come alongside and provide with food and medical care. Your sponsorship will help Eric receive treatment for double cataracts or malaria medication for Samuel or the next meal for little Joe. However you decide to help, know that you’re providing for God’s children, and they are so grateful for you love.

Love in action,

Team OAL



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  1. Margaret Chiketo on April 4, 2019 at 2:30 am

    I am so impressed and touched at your work. How does become a volunteer to support your noble cause and what are conditions for volunteers. I would really want to volunteer and be part of this cause

    Thank you and hoping to hearing from you

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