12 Days of LOVE.- Patience

For the next 12 days, we at Orphan Aid Liberia are inviting you to participate in “12 Days of LOVE.” here on the OAL Community group. The Christmas season is hectic for so many of us. We can be easily distracted from the importance of this season. Starting today, we will be featuring a “word of the day” for the next 12 days. Our hope is that this will help us remember that the day before us is a blessing, the opportunities around us to share love are a gift, and the love of God is always at work here and across the world.

Today’s word, “patience”. Many of us are trying to find patience in this second week of Advent. Advent is the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas and one of its purposes is to create a rhythm in the life of a believer. A reminder to slow down and focus on the love of God that came to us in the birth of Jesus. Honestly, patience is hard to find for many of us right now. The image posted here is a visual that stings us a little. We’d like to find ourselves showing the gratitude of the kids in the lower image, but we most often find ourselves in an inner chaos closer to the upper image. Especially with our compressed work schedules, deadlines, milestones, kids’ schedules, church schedules, the parties, the practices, the shopping, the lines, and sitting in all of the traffic that gets us to these places. This last thing we usually find in the chaos is patience, but we must find it.

I know, waiting and patience go against everything we’re told to be these days. While pumping gas, we get disappointed sharing a pump because we know the pump will slow down just a little. It throws our plans all off. We need those 20 seconds back we lose at the pump. Why? We have to get to the grocery store to get the cupcakes for the party. It can be an exhausting cycle. Let’s try to be patient. Let’s stop sprinting towards Christmas. Christmas will come and go in a flash, regardless of the pace we set getting there, so slow down. In the waiting, think of God’s patience for us. I know it can be hard to be patient with all of the lists, but be intentional. Slow down. Pace ourselves. Be patient. There’s no other option that works. Besides, no matter how fast I run, I can’t rescue this Christmas because it was Christmas that rescued me.

– Jacob

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